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In 2010, Hindi Animation Tutorials was the first to offer a world-class animation education online. Today, more than ever, you can count on that same great experience with our proven mentorship educational model, a global campus that’s always on, thousands of hours of educational content, and our commitment to providing you with the most personal and fulfilling learning experience on the planet … all designed to help you — the filmmaker — reach your full creative potential.


Aarya Pednekar is the Manging Director at Yantr Virtual Lab Pvt Ltd.Sankraman is her Dream project. She loves animated movies, and her passion for releasing Sankraman is intense. She has co-founded & produced the web series "Sankraman" and helped Hindi Animation Tutorials with its first web series. She wishes HAT to have many more such web series in the future.

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Founder & CEO

We have a tightknit group of top professional animators with years of experience, who have worked at many of the top studios around the world. Our lectures and critiqs are all live & recorded for later viewing. Our professional instructors and our full range of workshops can help you get ahead and reach your full career potential.

Amey Pednekar, the founder and CEO of Yantr Virtual Lab Pvt Ltd. He owns the Hindi Animation Tutorials, which is an Online animation institute. Way back in 2000, with a small bunch of resources and a big vision, he has started his career with UTV toons Studio, Reliance Big Animation,  TATA elxi Animation Dept, and DQ Animation Studios in his 20s. His great passion and love for animation were never-ending so he had successfully developed an Online Animation institute 'Hindi Animation Tutorials'. The animator in him was never satisfied so he went on & on and subsequently wrote & directed the animated web series "Sankraman" which is floating on social media.

About us

About us

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by UTV toons 2002

The studios with which "Ameya Pednekar" worked



MUMBAI based 2D & 3D Animation Studio.



HYDRABAD  based 3D Animation studio.



PUNE based 2D & 3D Animation Studio.



MUMBAI - BANGLORE based 3D animation & VFX studio.

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